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Jet Island (Part 1)

Eric Tereshinski (commonly known under his YouTube alias MasterIndie) has been creating tutorials and participating in game jams for a long time. For the past years, he has been exploring the possibilities that VR offers for interactive games. He self-published two well received action VR games on Steam, the latest one being Jet Island, a title where players fly around an open world on a hover board.

Jet Island

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Slide anywhere on your hoverboard at extreme speeds! Explore the massive open world of Jet Island! Learn to skate on any surface, swing from tall buildings, fly in ways you never knew were possible! Defeat the 4 giant boss fights! Get ready to experience complete freedom in VR!

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We had a very long discussion on the topic of VR game development, hence this episode was split into two parts. In the first, we focus on how to get started in VR game development, the tools that you need and the differences between headsets. We also discuss his approach to game design and inspirations for his latest game, which takes a very unconventional approach to VR game design and ignores the threat of motion sickness.

For me, it was a very eye-opening discussion on the possibilities in VR and the different design challenges involved for this new medium.

Eric Tereshinski