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Jet Island (Part 2)

VR has popularised a new wave of sword fighting games, one of these first titles was Sword Master VR develope by Eric Tereshinski (commonly known under his YouTube alias MasterIndie).

Sword Master VR

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Enter the virtual reality sword fighting arena of Sword Master VR! Test your skills with the blade against smart and interactive AI enemies! Unlock new swords and game modes! Prove that you are the sword master!

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We continue our previous chat on VR and his latest game Jet Island, covering many interesting topics along the way. One of these was the multiplayer in Jet Island and how he implemented it.

Another conversation point was marketing a VR game and how he built his first game, Sword Master VR, to be content creator friendly by adding in show features. Finally, he reflects and gives us some tips on how he would advise someone who is looking to make a living by creating games.

Eric Tereshinski