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Pro Gymnast

Timophy Fitz Randolph has spent over 10 years making games, including the mobile hit "Where is my Water?" as lead designer at Disney! Now, due recent circumstances, he finds himself going full indie with his latest side project, Pro Gymnast.

Pro Gymnast

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Exciting Acrobatic Action!

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During the discussion, he talks about what it was like developing games as a high school student 20 years ago and his earlier games. One of these games was actually called "Gymnast" and laid the foundation for his latest game - inspired by his own passion for the sport.

We then go into a deeper discussion on how he went about designing and creating the game. I found out how his thought process behind creating tools for himself, that he later allows the players to use as part of the game to create their own content (like a replay and level editor).

Hope you guys learned as much as I did, Tim was a really interesting guest!

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