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Wild West and Wizards

Lavaboots Studios are the two-man team behind the open world games "Salt" and their latest game: "Wild West and Wizards".

Wild West and Wizards

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Wild West and Wizards is an open world exploration RPG set in a re-imagined new frontier. Pick a class and level up unlocking abilities and exploring a world filled with quests, loot, outlaws, bosses, spells, caves, towns, and other mysterious places.

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In this interview discussion, they shared the founding story behind their studio and how both of them got each other into game development, after knowning each other from a very young age.

Another topic was the game development process and approach to creating these massive game worlds. This included everything from the world design, to optimising the performance of the game in their engine of choice, Unity3D.

Lavaboots Studios